The streets of Paris are brimming with Art and culture. Visit iconic sights, monuments, museums and gardens with a professional tour guide. Truly immerse yourself in this charming city, exploring some of the oldest streets in the capital, along with picturesque cafés, scenic riverside vistas, and even some more magical hidden locations. The Aime Paris tours provide a unique, entertaining and educational experience, a fresh perspective on the City of Lights. Follow the smile of your certified and passionate guide and get an extraordinary look into the rich history and breathtaking artistry of Paris's most famous landmarks.

A unique way to explore Paris :

Discover Paris from every angle possible : our itineraries are designed to bring you authentic experiences of Paris' neighborhoods and major attractions. Our professional licensed tourist guides, with their profound knowledge in History, arts and architecture are not only informative, they make the tours fun and interesting, bringing History to life.


Paris is a city of neighborhoods and we focus on tours designed to show you what the city is made of.


Explore the iconic structures & sights, historic landmarks and culture that make up this majestic city.


Learn more about Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Picasso or the Impressionist Artists in the many different parisian museums.


Taste the famous French cuisine while learning more about History in some of the oldest and nicest restaurants in the city.

Get the very best out of Paris with our expertly guided tours

Paris is 105 square kilometers (41 square miles), trying to see it all without an expert tour guide can be overwhelming. The Aime Paris's long lineup of guided tours aims to cover it all. See the most famous attractions, such as the Eiffel tower, the Louvre museum, the Arc de Triomphe and Notre-Dame cathedral and visit somewhat lesser-known sights like the Montmartre hill, the Marais neighborhood, the covered galleries, and much more. Whether it is your first visit to Paris or you’ve explored the city before, there are always so many attractions just waiting to be discovered on our Paris tours ! We offer an exciting and comprehensive range of themed tours across Paris and the surrounding region, from royal palaces, churches and museums to old neighborhoods, gardens and markets.

Neighborhood guided tour

Montmartre hill guided tour

Montmartre guided tour Discover one of the most picturesque neigborhood in Paris. The former village of Montmartre still has its old streets, windmills, cabarets, cemetaries, churches and even a vineyard ! It has been the parisian artists’ neighborhood for centuries, … Read More

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Neighborhood guided tour

Covered galleries guided tour

Covered galleries guided tour From the Royal Palace to the Great Boulevards : amble through the elegant parisian galleries. Discover the enchanting glass roofs, the neo-classical ornaments, the luxury boutiques and the flighty Paris of the 19th century. Book Duration : … Read More

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Museum guided tour

Louvre guided tour

Louvre guided tour From the Middle Ages castle to the famous glass pyramid, this former royal palace has lived centuries of History of France. Converted into a museum during the French Revolution, it now houses some of the most famous … Read More

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Neighborhood guided tour

Notre-Dame & the City island

The City Island guided tour Considered as the craddle of the city, the Île de la Cité (city island) is in Paris’ very center. Explore its old streets, picturesque river banks and majestic monuments such as Notre-Dame cathedral, Sainte-Chapelle and … Read More

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Monument guided tour

Versailles palace guided tour

Versailles palace guided tour It took more than 50 years to build this incredible palace dedicated to the Sun King’s glory. The amazing ornate rooms with their painted and guilded ceilings, sculptures, elegant pieces of furniture and the extraordinary gardens … Read More

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